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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 18, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, the president addresses the spy agency leaker for the first time. as edward snowden makes new taunts from his hong kong hideout and his father pleads with him to stop the leaks. >> they're trying to take my things away. they're trying to inject me. they're trying to kill me. >> that terrifying incident on that jumbo jet at 30,000 feet caught on tape as a crazed passenger saying he was poison jumping on him till the plane landed. the business suit brawl. a road rage attack that took everyone driving by surprise on a freeway entrance. what made this lawyer with the perfect record snap as other drivers rushed in to help. just plain outrageous. is this guy the worst airline baggage handler in the world? the video gone viral this
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morning, oh, could that be your package right there? good morning, america. hope you're enjoying these last few days of spring and we're going to show you right now a major milestone in america's longest war. american troops in afghanistan will no longer take the lead in any missions, all combat decisions will be made by afghan forces as the u.s. prepares to withdraw. that is today. >> that is a major milestone to say the least, george. but we'll get right to the latest on the president's strong words for nsa leaker edward snowden. and that dramatic plea by snowden's father for his son to stop what he's doing. abc's brian ross is here. he's been tracking this for us. good morning. >> reporter: these latest leaks in edward snowden's campaign seem to be timed for maximum embarrassment for the u.s. and
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the president as he remains in hiding at this hour. as world leaders gather in northern ireland for the so-called g-8 summit snowden is revealing how the u.s. and britain have been routinely spying on them. snowden gave "the guardian" newspaper top secret documents revealing how the british government spied on diplomatic targets from all nations and their smartphones and a similar meeting of world leaders in 2009. overnight, strong words from president obama. should he be prosecuted? >> i'm not going to comment on prosecution. >> okay. >> he -- the case has been referred to the doj for criminal investigation. >> and possible extradition. >> and possible extradition. >> reporter: snowden is still believed to be in hong kong in hiding as even his own father went on fox news to urge him to stop the leaks. >> but i just ask that you measure what you're going to do and not release any more information. >> reporter: the fbi continues
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to develop evidence for criminal charges against snowden. agents have been at his last known address in hawaii where abc news discovered his car still parked in the garage. snowden's leaks are reverberating around the world with the chinese now calling on the u.s. to explain last week's disclosure that the u.s. was hacking on chinese targets. >> is the equivalent of a chinese spy if he gives china details of u.s. intelligence operations that were run against chinese networks. >> reporter: answering questions online monday on "the guardian" newspaper site, snowden denied he was a spy and said "being called a traitor by former vice president dick cheney over the weekend was the highest honor you can give an american." snowden also described a kind of dead man switch to make sure his documents are made public no matter what saying, "the u.s. government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing me or murdering me." robin and george, that's what he said.
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>> strong statement there. brian, thank you. now to more from president obama. he spoke out as we saw not only about edward snowden's revelations but also syria and so much more in an interview released overnight. our chief white house correspondent jon karl is traveling with the president in ireland. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. as the president wraps up his meetings with world leaders here he is pushing back hard against critics at home saying he's not doing enough about the crisis in syria. behind all the smiles at the annual summit of the world's economic powers, big disagreement between russia and the united states about what to do over the crisis in syria. in the interview with charlie rose for pbs, president obama lashed out at critics who say his offer of small arms to the syrian rebels is too little too late. >> if you haven't been in the situation room poring through intelligence and meeting directly with our military folks, unless you've been involved in those conversations, then it's kind of hard for you
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to understand that the complexities of the situation and how we have to not rush into one more war in the middle east. >> reporter: the president also weighed in on iran and their recent election of a relatively moderate president. >> i think it says that the iranian people want to move in a different direction, clearly you have a hunger within iran to engage with the international community in a more positive way. >> reporter: and closer to home, president obama defended newly revealed nsa programs including those gathering data on americans. >> some people say, well, you know, obama was this raving liberal before. now he's, you know, dick cheney, dick cheney sometimes says, yeah, he took it all lock, stock and barrel. my concern has always been that we shouldn't do intelligence gathering to prevent terrorism but rather are we setting up a systems of checks and balances? >> reporter: this afternoon president obama travels to berlin. while there he will give a speech at the historic
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brandenburg gate 50 years after john kennedy gave his famous e speech. it was during the 2008 campaign when he addressed one of his largest audiences ever. >> thanks, jon, very much. no you to that frightening incident high in the sky. a passenger screaming he was poisoned on an international flight. his fellow passengers racing to subdue him and holding him down until they could land. abc's gio benitez is here with this very frightening moment. >> reporter: it is, robin. good morning to you. for the first time we're seeing and hearing that man as he throws a tantrum on the airplane. it was on the last leg of a very long flight and passengers weren't taking any chances. this is the man federal authorities believe terrified passengers in the middle of a 15-hour united airlines flight from hong kong to newark monday. >> somebody help me. divert, divert, divert.
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>> reporter: his hands zip tied. his face hidden by a hoodie daniel perry was quickly put into an ambulance by fbi agents waiting on the tarmac after passengers say he started screaming that he had been poisoned. >> they're trying to take my things away. they're trying to inject me. they're trying to kill me. >> reporter: along with a flight attendant and other passengers jacques roisen jumped into action jumping on top of that man then restraining him with plastic handcuffs for the flight's remaining six hours. >> he saw everybody as a threat. he thought everybody was working for the fbi, the cia. >> reporter: roizen says the suspect believed to be american says he knows state seeks just like edward snowden, the whistle-blower who leaked nsa secrets. >> there was no time to understand or think, you know, we needed to restrain him. >> reporter: passengers have reason to be on edge recently. on friday a man aboard a frontier air flight to denver claimed to have a bomb inside his backpack. >> we were just extremely
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scared, worried. i can't even describe how fast my heart was beating. >> reporter: on saturday another scare. a threatening note found in the bathroom of an egypt air flight. that made an emergency landing in scotland. no bomb was found on either plane. and the fbi says the man from monday's united flight is in a hospital this morning undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. in that video you saw, he shouted out his name, birthday, social security number, even his mom's phone number and while it appears he never posed any real threat, the scare has left many on board shaken, rob and george. >> understandably so. how many types have we seen how quickly passengers react. >> cuffs. turn to josh elliott. other developing stories. good morning. we'll begin again with that major turning point, some call it seminal overnight in the war in afghanistan. this morning nato forces handed over control of security operations to the afghan military and police which means from this point on, u.s. and
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coalition troops will provide only support until they withdraw themselves late next year. this comes just before today's ceremony in kabul, a reminder of the challenges that remain, a roadside bomb targeting an afghan politician blew up and killed several civilians in the process. also overnight, those raging floodwaters that have swept away entire neighborhoods in northern india are now being blamed for at least 73 deaths. the video hard to watch but the number could, in fact, rise dramatically. heavy rains have triggered landslides, washed out roads as you can see here and trapped an estimated 70,000 people. meanwhile, back in this country, another high-profile sexual assault case in the military. three naval academy football players will soon face charges in connection with the alleged assault of a female midshipman at an off campus party. navy investigators have been criticized for not moving quickly enough in the case. just last month, president obama told naval academy graduates
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that sexual assaults have undermined confidence in the military. and a busy freeway near los angeles looked more like a disaster movie last night. a truck driver went the wrong way driving south in the north of bound lanes. it caused an eight-car pileup. a dozen people hurt. three of them critically. we'll have update as more news becomes available. also in los angeles, a road rage attack. two men you see them here dressed in full business attire had just driven off the freeway. they were at a red light when they started going at it. police say the attacker, a lawyer, will now head to court as a defendant facing battery charges. and two teenagers had to be rescued some 8600 feet in the air off a cliff near lake tahoe. they were hiking and got stuck on a ledge. heavy winds though kept blowing the rescue helicopter off course. thankfully a crew was finally able to drop a harness to the
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boys and hoist them to safety. thankfully they were not hurt. despite all the complaining about ticket prices and fees, a new survey shows satisfaction among airline customers is actually up. it's hit its highest level in almost two decades. jetblue and southwest airlines are rated best. this guy, however, that you're about to see doesn't work for either of them. is he the worst baggage handler -- i mean he's tied for the worst. i can't imagine it gets worse than this. boxes being then as you can see on a conveyer belt at a chinese airport. more falling on the ground than getting into the plane then takes a phone call because he's been working so hard and really had to squeeze in that call. thankfully somebody else actually came over and did his work for him. it gives you a little shudder, you know, knowing how -- yeah, just a touch. >> a wee bit. game six tonight, spurs/heat. >> back this miami. >> we still got a chance. >> i think so. >> keep hope alive. >> this is the big one. >> tonight is the big one.
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>> okay, thanks, guys. now to those serious charges against 7-eleven. dozens of stores, the target of a federal investigation for bringing undocumented workers into the u.s., forcing them into virtual slavery. abc's rebecca jarvis is on the case. she joins us now from one of the stores sized by the feds on long island. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hi, george. good morning and this is 1 of 14 stores police have seized from franchise owners under the management of 7-eleven corporation and this morning, the probe continues to widen. the accusations of cruelty and mistreatment now span independently owned 7-eleven stores in eight states from illinois to florida to new jersey, so far nine owners and managers from pakistan and the philippines arrested for running what the feds are calling modern-day plantations. >> the franchise owners that we have charged were engaged in a pattern of fraud and worker exploitation. >> reporter: authorities say the owners were making millions of dollars exploiting illegal
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immigrants for more than a decade forcing them to work 100-hour weeks but paying them for just a fraction of their time. they were even allegedly made to live in 10x10 rooms inside cramped boarding houses. >> it was a terrible environment for these employees and they were ruthlessly exploited by the franchise owners. >> reporter: all the while investigators say the alleged ringleader and his wife were living in this mansion. in order to evade authorities and 7-eleven corporate policies, police say the illegal workers were given stolen identities, even from people who had died. police say i.d.s included everyone from a coast guard cadet to an 8-year-old child. >> the employees were threatened when they complained which was rare with the threat of deportation with the threat of job loss. >> reporter: police have not implicated 7-eleven corporation but say the company lacked adequate checks and balances in its payroll department. in a statement to abc news, the
7:14 am
company says it's cooperating with authorities and will take aggressive actions to audit the employment status of all its franchises' employees. and if convicted, the accused could face up to 20 years in prison. the undocumented workers' future is less clear but authorities say in some cases the workers could be deported, robin. >> all right, rebecca, thank you very much. now to dramatic testimony in the high-profile trial of reputed boston mob boss white ideal bulger. an ex-hit man on the tan monday to testify against him, a man he was so close to he named his youngest son after bulger. abc's pierre thomas has the latest and joins us from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. as the trial of bulger goes into high gear prosecutors brought in a star witness, a self-avowed hit man who feels betrayed by bulger. james "whitey" bulger is the accused legendary mob boss of boston, a man who's alleged
7:15 am
criminal ex-mroirts has been the stuff of movies. >> are you still a cop? >> no. no. no. >> reporter: but at his trial monday prosecutors put former hit man john martorano on the stand to prove that bulger's rein was not glamorous but murderous. we had a lot of problems with people. you know, you just kill them before they kill you. bulger, martorano suggested, did not just order killings, he wanted to be there to witness the bloodshed. martorano said he gunned down a man named indian al with bulger in a second car watching nearby. killing was routine. in all martorano murdered at least 20 people. bulger's defense attorneys portrayed him as a paid liar doing the fbi's bidding because he got a deal from prosecutors. though the murders were long ago, for surviving family members the pain is till fresh. >> sick to my stomach now. >> reporter: the jury saw photos of some of the victims, bullet ridden cars and surveillance of
7:16 am
bul bulger. he's involved in 19 murders and for much of that he was a paid fbi informa anant ratting out r mobsters. it sort of broke my heart, he said. they broke all trust that we had, all loyalties and i was just beside myself with it. prosecutors believe judgment day is finally coming but bulger by all accounts does not look concerned. the most the case has gotten out of him so far, a snicker, robin. >> okay, pierre. a snicker, thanks. >> okay, robin, thanks. more on the president's trip overseas. it's a family affair. first lady, sasha and malia having fun catching up on family history and i'm getting ready for a special lunch. here's abc news's linzie janis. ♪ it's a beautiful day you know it's a buhl day from u2's bono invites you to finnegans. while dining with a rock star is one of the perks of being a
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first family some of the vacations can be a bit much when you're 14 and 11 as we've seen on the most recent trips. even the president's daughters can get bored as they pored over relics like this. malia's face reveals it. >> we couldn't be more thrilled to see a live performance of riverdance. ♪ >> reporter: although everyone around is giving thunderous applause to the first lady you may not join in because she is, after all, your mother or as they meet with distant irish cousins how quickly these once-in-a-lifetime experiences can take a turn when they become about as impressed as the griswolds in "european vacation." >> we know. big pen. >> parliament. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> liken it to the griswolds. >> we have to have lunch with bono again. >> gee, mom.
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what an affair. >> looks like a lot of fun. many have, you had a great trip. i thought you weren't coming back. you were threatening not to come back. >> they promised me the humidity would be gone and, nope, it's not. one more day of it on the eastern seaboard so let's get to the boards and show you where the moisture is falling. ang awful lot of heavy rain in st. louis, 2 inches in an hour there. in east st. louis, about an inch and a half of rain in 30 minutes. this kind of downpour and stagnant air mass happens here to the eastern seaboard and then start to break up the humidity. areas in red from rapid city to midland and by the way this morning, ft. worth, early, early about 4:00 in the morning, a strong line, heavy line of big rain waking you up again this morning running through there. that's the kind of thing we'll see all the way to atlanta today and would think, indy, cincinnati, columbus getting involved. here's the heaviest rainfall totals that go along with the storms. columbia all the way to raleigh. those are the totals from 2 to 3 inches. another reason to love friday at
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1:00 in the morning when you get that tingle that means summer starts. >> pardon? >> yeah. don't you -- don't when the seasons change don't you -- >> i get a tingle? >> is that just me? all right. never mind. 90 in dallas, 87 in little rock. 85 in atlanta. that's the weather. and good morning. if you're just about to step out the door, grab a sweater and
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dress in layers. it will be cooler than yesterday. we'll see a warm-up around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. 76 degrees will be our high inland. 70 around the bay, 56 by the coast. clouds will start to burn off and come right back in overnight. as we take a look at our highs for today, mainly in the upper 60s, lower 70s across the bay area. this evening the clouds will come back and our overnight lows in the low 50s. more weather in the next half hour. we will make it official at 1:04 eastern time, 1:04 a.m. on friday. >> that's when you get the tingle. >> shakes it right out. >> there's a prescription for that. >> thank you, sam. great to have you back. coming up, former nfl star chad johnson speaking out exclusively this morning. he has just been released after a week in jail and while he's thanking the judge who put him behind bars. also the latest on the shocking photos of nigella lawson. her husband questioned by police for five hours.
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that hasn't been cleared yet. ♪ uh! i just want to celebrate [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette you celebrate a little win. nicorette gum helps calm your cravings and makes you less irritable. double your chances of quitting. don't blame him. instead, rely on frontline plus. it kills adult fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, destroying future generations. ask your vet about frontline plus. good morning. i'm eric thomas. new developments in the tragic mauling of a 6-year-old boy by a dog in union city. the young boy has died. boy was attacked at a home on elizabeth way around 11:00 yesterday. authorities say the dog that attacked the child is a pit bull
7:25 am
or pit bull mix. the child lived with his grandparents, was taken to lucile packard children's hospital but later died of his injuries. neighbors tell abc7 news two pit bulls liv ied at the home. a check on morning commute. here's leyla gulen. >> we have a fatality in san francisco southbound 101 at san bruno avenue where we had a motorcycle accident. unfortunately, it did result in a fatality. we are looking at heavy backups due to this lanes are blocked. you want to use 280 instead. avoid 101 at all costs. busy conditions for you. significant alert still in effect eastbound 12 at kelly road. one-way traffic control in effect. leyla will put
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welcome back. 7:28. we are looking at cooler conditions today. we're at about high 60s around most of the bay area. we are going to be seeing about mid-70s as our highest temperatures. but we are looking at pretty good conditions across the state. we do have some showers in northern california,
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there is former nfl star, chad johnson, in a miami courtroom. got into a little trouble there. gave his lawyer a butt pat. the judge threw him in jail. he's out now and apologized to the judge and says he loves her and will speak out about it exclusively on "gma" in a few minutes. >> looking forward to talking with chad. also ahead, brand-new details on the shocking photos of celebrity chef nigella lawson. her husband questioned for five hours by police and cautioned for assault. then we're going to switch gears to britney spears. the superstar in great shape right now. her trainer revealing britney's tricks to toning those famous muscles. >> good. also, cannot wait to introduce you to this 11-year-old. his documentary gone viral by saying yuck.
7:31 am
he has gone inside what appears to be a rather dangerous world of school lunches. you want to meet this kid and see what he brings. he's remarkable. >> okay, josh, thanks. first the latest on chad johnson. he's standing by live to explain what happened in that miami courtroom. let's get the background first from abc's matt gutman. good morning, matt. >> reporter: chad johnson seemed a little flip giving his attorney that celebratory butt pat and fully contrite yesterday apologizing yet again to the judge and after being released three weeks early we didn't see even a hint of celebration. after a week in jail chad "ochocinco" johnson is a free and seemingly grateful man. >> little do i know it i love her to death but basically where she's been is a blessing in disguise. >> reporter: the former miami dolphins wide receiver was
7:32 am
releezed monday serving only 7 of the 30 days he was sentenced to. not so common in courtrooms what he did. >> are you satisfied with your attorney. >> he's awesome. >> okay. you should be. he did a great job for you, sir. >> reporter: there followed the infamous celebratory butt pat eliciting chuckles from the gallery and scowls from the bench. let's go to the instant replay. even though the judge is legally blind she seems to see everything that happens in her courtroom. >> mr. johnson, i don't know that you're taking this whole thing seriously. i just saw you slap your attorney on the backside. is there something funny about what's going on here today? >> i didn't laugh. no, ma'am. >> but the whole courtroom laughed because you just slapped your attorney. >> reporter: this as she was about to accept his plea deal for violating probation. he was accused of head butting his then wife last year. even his lawyer couldn't help him this time. >> i don't think it was done as any disrespect to me. >> the whole courtroom is laughing because he just slapped
7:33 am
you on the behind. >> i know. >> reporter: instead of walking out of court a free man, the judge slapped him with a jail sentence. >> as a condition of his probation to serve 30 days in the broward county jail. >> the judge ordered him to 25 hours of community service and has to undergo domestic violence counseling and extended his probation by a couple of months. his attorney, the victim of the butt pat says johnson will comply with all of those conditions and hopes to rehabilitate his nfl career. robin. >> we will take talk to them both. joining us live are chad johnson and his attorney, adam swickle joining us live from miami. we appreciate you wanting to come on and talk with us, chad, and the first question is why did you do that? why did you pat your attorney like that? >> well, that's the way i've always interacted with, you know, life just in general. i know that there's a certain thing called courtroom etiquette which i've never been a part of the court system.
7:34 am
it was a light pat. it wasn't meant to disrespect the courtroom and i didn't think anyone could see it because it was my third time doing so. >> it was your third time you had done that but the first time that people had seen that and the reaction to it, adam, when he did that, were you surprised and did you think, okay, we could be in trouble here? >> no, actually i wasn't very surprised because chad and i are very close and it's just a way that he communicated and thanked me. i was rather surprised that the court took it to the extent that she took it but everybody's got a method of running their own courtroom and the judge felt this was appropriate resolution. >> well, some people did feel that the judge overreacted but that it does not excuse chad, your behavior, the reason why you were in court because of violating your probation, stemming from a very serious charge of domestic violation against your then wife and that
7:35 am
many believe that this is was a culmination. do you think that she was justified that it was all of your actions leading up to that point, chad? >> right, yeah, i say that when i came out of court earlier that, you know, i supported her in her decision to give me, you know, the sentence that she did basically after me not meeting the criteria and guidelines i was supposed to meet in a certain amount of time. with them not being done in that time i felt it was right of her to sentence me to 30 days. she had given me a gift before and there was no reason to treat me any different than anyone else. if anyone else is in that situation they would have to do 30 days, as well. >> you went so far, chad, to say that you were thankful to the judge. what did you mean by that? >> well, i mean most definitely. i think judge mchugh was able to do something many have tried to get me do for a long time, slow down, just life in general, slow down, think about what you're going to do and she was able to do that. maybe not in the best circumstances, to those on the outside but i see me thinking about life and where i'm going
7:36 am
from this point going on is probably one of the best things that happened to me. >> your parents haven't been able to slow you down and how can you make people believe, chad, because they feel you've had some chances in the past and you've blown it. what's going to be different this time? >> i mean, you have to understand i haven't had any chances because i never been in any trouble before. i've done nothing wrong ever. this is my first time being in trouble with the legal system. my past has been having fun, entertaining fans when it came to playing the game of football. so as far as this is all new to me and i just -- i try to do my best keeping a smile regardless of 9 situations and usually situations like this, usually break people and i wouldn't allow anything to break me so i try to continue to be my same positive self and i think with me being chad it kind of made the judge feel that i wasn't being serious about the situation, but trust me, i understood exactly what i did and i lost two of the things in life that i love, you know, the most at that time. >> and what were those two things that you lost?
7:37 am
>> football and my now then beautiful -- did say beautiful ex-wife. >> yes, who quickly filed divorce after the incident that happened and are you hoping to play football again? do you think you deserve a chance to play again? >> you know what, i think everyone deserves a second chance. many would say i might not deserve it. i would like to finish my career off the right way and i'd -- i don't want the last thing to be remembered, you know, well, chad was cut from the dolphins, you know, for an incident he had with his wife. i would love the grace, the football field one more time and to help some team if i'm not injured, there's nothing wrong with me, i've learned my lesson especially after those past seven days and that's about it. if it doesn't happen, life goes on, there are many opportunities and doors that will continue to open and we'll see what happens. >> we will see what happens. chad, thank you very much for your willingness to talk with
7:38 am
us. we appreciate that and adam swickle. i know you'll see him follow through on all the judge's ord thers time. >> absolutely. >> thank you for being with us. another check of the weather with sam. >> that flooding out of india. josh showed you a headline at the top of the news and we'll take you a little behind the scene here. this is some heavy rain but if you look at this northern part of india and realize it's a lot like our tucson, arizona, so they do have a monsoon season. desert area with heavy rains at a certain time each year like we go into our monsoon season in the west now, that's where they are right now. this is still extremely heavy rain, nearly 18 inches, more than 20 people were killed in that heavy burst of rain and flooding and so this is where we look at our monsoon season that is supposed to be kicking in but just hasn't quite yet. it's still very dry air. the rains on the outside of where we need to get into the dry zone and red flag high fire danger opportunities today. once you step out of l.a. out of santa barbara get elevation the
7:39 am
winds are 50 miles an hour, very warm, very dry. today we're still not free of the humidity that's in the northeast but we will have some slightly cooler temperatures i good morning. we are seeing cooler temperatures today. inland only topping out at about 76 degrees by the bay, 70 degrees, and along the coast 66 will be your high. seven-day fore >> as josh points out there's no >> as josh points out there's no reason to leave santa barbara. all that brought to you by pronamel. the latest on the shocking photos of celebrity chef nigella lawson. her husband formally cited by police for assault. could trying to bag a bargain put you behind bars? the crackdown right now on counterfeit purses. do tell. come on back. >> do tell. >> ding-ding. [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz
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back now at 7:43, robin, with the latest on those shocking photos out of london, celebrity chef nigella lawson apparently being choked by her billionaire husband in a high-end restaurant. she's left her house and abc's amy robach is here with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. overnight lawson's husband reportedly was interviewed by police apparently admitting that he was choking her in those photos leaving many to wonder if she will now leave him permanently.
7:44 am
police launched an investigation after this photo appeared on the front cover of britain's "sunday people," celebrity chef nigella lawson reportedly being grabbed at her throat by her husband at a popular restaurant. late monday lawson's husband, 70-year-old millionaire charles ramsey walksaatchi where he was reportedly questioned for five hours in a statement overnight police didn't use his name but said a 70-year-old man had been cautioned for assault after an investigation into the newspaper's story. great britain, a caution is a formal legal citation and becomes a part of an individual's criminal record. just a day earlier saatchi told "the evening standard," "there was no grip, it was a play full tiff. the pictures are horrific but give a far more drastic and violent impression of what took place." >> it looked anything but playful. it looked serious. she looked very frightened very upset. >> reporter: meantime, this morning lawson is remaining
7:45 am
silent but one representative for the chef told "the independent" she had left the couple's home with her children. >> it's done. >> reporter: lawson a best-selling cookbook author is a multimillion dollar in her own right with a string of successful tv shows and a stint on the abc's "the taste." >> turned down a notch. >> yes. >> it would have had a more productive edge to it. >> reporter: now many are wondering if the beloved chef with the worldwide audience should address the speculation about her relationship. >> what she can't do is feel rushed by the pressure from the media to come out and say something. it's a very serious moment in her life and she wants to do the right thing but on her timetable. >> reporter: and nigella's husband told "the evening standard" they had made up by the time they were home much the paparazzi were congregated outside our house so i told nigella to take the kids off till the dust settles. a lot wondering if that's a
7:46 am
playful tifr what does a serious one look like? >> that's what we were wondering. coming up, britney spears' secrets to getting in shape revealed just ahead by her trainer. >> a lot of working out, i'm going to guess. also, it's the "play of the day." it's doggone difficult. it's dog v. dog. freeze it, freeze it. . ♪ shield...sneeze...swish
7:47 am
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7:50 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." get on out there. >> big game tonight, game six. >> miami heat. >> yeah. >> we see you. we see you. we got you. >> let's roll this. dog v. dog week. it is that time of year yet again. this is a fellow, little pup in russia, has got some skills but he needs them because he has no interest in what's about to happen. this is all legitimate, all real. come on. it's time for the bath. no thank you. nope, i'm out. come on.
7:51 am
and no way. now sparky, come on -- everybody's got to take a bath. no, i'm not -- no, you get out here. no! you take your pail and go home. >> i love your commentary. >> very polite. >> thank you and then no bath for you. seriously, terrific stuff. also terrific, an 11-year-old who's going inside the world of school lunches. stick around for it. go nowhere. >> i need a better russian accent. saying, "dan, schedule a 5 o'clock meeting at a hilton garden inn." or "dan"... hey, dad. ..."explore your family tree at a homewood suites." [ family ] hi, dan. or "put your feet in the sand at a waldorf astoria." never stop vacationing, dan. book during the great getaway for great rates at our ten top hotel brands. travel is calling you to
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. p&g is kwoshging to fix two pounls in brisbane affecting about 4,500 customers. no word yet on when crews expect to restore service. leyla gulen in for mike this morning with weather and traffic. >> a beautiful sight. this is san francisco. we do have some low clouds. it will start to burn off this afternoon. we are going to be seeing a warm-up, although cooler today, but it warms up tomorrow towards the end of the week. going to be a nice weekend. let's see what's happening in traffic. a significant alert in san francisco now canceled southbound 101 right past 280 was involving a motorcycle,
7:57 am
major injury accident there. 5 miles per hour causing a huge delay from the maze. looking about an hour to get out of emeryville into san francisco. kristen? >> the news continues with "good morning america." have a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i just came to say hello ♪ hello ♪ hello and what do we got there in times square this morning? look at that border collie go, the flying hound. dog v. dog week here on "gma." >> and not to be outdone, inside here, we have -- this is vegas. >> vegas. >> oh, look at vegas. a little moonwalking. ah oh. way to go, vegas. oh! wow! big finish like that. >> vegas did not disappoint. >> not at all. >> wow. >> it is dog versus dog. we have the final results from round one yesterday. we won't tell you. >> the brackets -- >> we have brackets. >> yes. >> and by brackets, that's a
8:01 am
sports term. hey, also, can you tell which one is real and which one is fake? >> the left, real. >> left, real. yes. >> if you try to save a little and buy the fake, you could find yourself headed to jail. we don't want that to happen to you. we're going to get into it just ahead. we'll explain how to tell and tell you why. >> i can't tell the difference at all. whichever one you guys -- >> oh, no, nice try. >> and gordon ramsay, obviously we all know gordon ramsay from his hit shows, but how about, working in his restaurant? is it a real-life kitchen nightmare? a group of his former employees say yes, and that is why they are suing said celebrity chef right now. we'll get into that. >> we will. and can you think of the best body in the music industry? it may be britney spears, by the way, and she's back in shape. almost better than ever, some say, and her new trainer is revealing the secrets to her superstar return body. >> all right. all that coming up. >> let's get some news first from josh. we'll begin with new revelations within the hour
8:02 am
about the government's secret surveillance program. just moments ago, the director of the national security agency told a congressional hearing that the nsa's phone tracking and internet monitoring programs have stopped more than 50 terrorist attacks since 9/11. general keith alexander says details of two of those will be made public later today. and in an interview with pbs the president defended the program saying he's made important changes of the policies of the bush administration ensuring the surveillance was approved by congress and a foreign intelligence court. he said he's also asking congress to see just how much of the programs can be made public. and a crucial transition in afghanistan overnight. the country is now in charge of its own security. coalition forces formally handed over responsibility this morning. moments before the transfer, however, a bomb exploded in kabul killing several civilians. meanwhile, today the pentagon is unveiling plans to bring women into combat. they'll begin training as army rangers within two years and
8:03 am
could train as navy s.e.a.l.s by the year 2016. and more americans are kicking the habit. a new survey finds 18% of americans admit smoking. it's the first sizable drop in years, down from more than 20% just last decade. and the search for jimmy hoffa resumes today, this time in a field near detroit. the former teamsters union leader last seen in 1975 before a meeting with two mobsters. a reputed mafia captain, who was in prison when hoffa vanished, claims he's buried under a concrete slab in that field, and obviously we will keep you posted on the search. and finally, it's not easy being a mascot. look what happened before a phillies game last night, of course, the phanatic. this is not -- these are not antics. his atv actually stalled out in left field. >> oh, that'shysterical. >> so they finally had to roll it off. jayson werth, a member of the washington nationals, a former
8:04 am
phillie himself watching as -- well, that's wacky watching six groundskeepers lift that thing into the dugout. that's crazy. >> i wonder if fans thought it was like all some part of -- culminating in something. that's funny. >> play ball. >> thank you. hey, thank you. play ball. let's continue the play ball. >> continue? >> continue. >> i shall. thank you so much, josh. and good morning to you, and when the cast of "boy meets world" reunited here on "gma" less than a week ago, the buzz on social media was tremendous. now a spin-off of the '90s hit sitcom has been ordered called "girl meets world" scheduled to premiere on the disney channel next year. ben savidge and danielle fischel will star as a married couple dealing with a tweenage daughter, the girl, if you will played by 11-year-old roman blanchard. >> oh. >> there you go. >> one i want to see. >> a lot of buzz about that. i dare say that we were the genesis. >> yes. >> you're welcome, by the way. >> let's start a campaign. "loveboat." i would love a "loveboat" reunion. >> ah. >> "loveboat" reunion.
8:05 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> let's start campaign. >> by the way -- >> "love american style" will come right after. >> oh, even better. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. >> i could see you in the lead role. >> on "love boat" or "love america"? >> "love american style." >> awesome. >> all right, all right. i lost my isp so you can't tell me what's going on. on the heels of his footwork in the tonys, neil patrick harris has just signed on to play the lead in the broadway production of "hedwig and the angry inch." he won raves and an emmy for hosting the tonys and most who watched him say they sure hope this would happen as did harris. he says he's been looking forward to getting back to the board after his long run as barney on "how i met your mother." he's performed in "cabaret" and his "hedwig" run starts in the spring of 2014. >> done and done. >> we will be there. finally the story of young love that went platinum. here are ron and eileen edwards of kent, england, celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. that alone a terrific milestone, right? both 91 years old.
8:06 am
got married in 1943, but what make this story that much more incredible, they were photographed when they were both 4 years old at a carnival as bride and groom. 1926. their moms were best friends. they thought the kids looked cute. they were actually born in the same maternity hospital around the same time. they say they have been in love since age zero. >> that's a great story. >> i got to tell you, "pop news" goose bumps. that is -- >> i agree. >> wow. >> you like me? >> yeah. >> awesome. >> that was awesome. >> well, happy, happy wedding anniversary to that couple. what an inspiration. >> thanks for bringing that. >> fantastic. >> hey, sam. >> good morning, everybody. live in times square. i love our summertime audience. all right. let's check in. youngster, what's your name? >> isaac. >> isaac, and where are you from? >> iowa. >> iowa, and you want to tell somebody that you made it here, so we should see your face just a minute and then tell me your
8:07 am
grandpa's name. >> jim. >> jim, grandpa jim, isaac made it all the way from iowa, all right, just to let you know. let's get to the boards. here's one or two things that we're keeping an eye on. we're looking at this windy, hot air that's kind of been stuck in the southwest. well, it's about to make a move, so after today, denver, you're jumping up substantially. dallas, you're doing the same thing, going up to 97 by the time we get into thursday. just keep an eye on the pulsating circle of concern. it is that area that is tropical depression number two. we really feel like this one stays a problem for southern mexico, central america. there's going to be some heavy rain that we'll watch to see what happens, and then the two lines of big storms, one through the middle of the country and one a little bit more east as we head into today's hot, steamy weather. looking forward to summertime on friday. and good morning. if you're just about to step out the door, grab a sweater and dress in layers. it will be cooler than yesterday. we'll see a warm-up around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. 76 degrees will be our high
8:08 am
inland. 70 around the bay, 56 by the coast. clouds will start to burn off and come right back in overnight. as we take a look at our highs for today, mainly in the upper 60s, lower 70s across the bay area. this evening the clouds will come back and our over >> we are live in times square. let's go back inside to -- >> we are live in times square. let's go back inside to -- >> lara. >> lara. >> all right. thank you, guys. and here's what's coming up on our "good morning america" "gma morning menu." why trying to bag a bargain purse could land you behind bars. also coming up, kitchen nightmares. why gordon ramsay's former employees are taking him to court. and how britney spears got her bod back. her trainer reveals her secrets to getting in bikini shape. all that coming up live on "good morning america." hey, it's dog v. dog. stay with us. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the makers of
8:09 am
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coming up, "gma's" dog versus dog competition brought to you by sergeant's pet care products. quality, affordable pet care. just a couple more days of spring until we feel the tingle of summer. >> yay. >> as sam told us earlier. it is dog versus dog out there in times square. we'll be joining them in just a moment. but now burning up our "gma heat index" inside the handbags that are hot property. >> ding.
8:14 am
>> counterfeiting is a multibillion dollar business and linsey davis with why you may want to say no to the knockoffs. plenty here at the desk. >> we're testing what is real and what is fake. good morning, everybody. a phony ferragamo, fendi may be considered contraband if this new york city bill passes which may prove to be an expensive thing for people looking for a deal on a designer bag. women around the world search high and low for their their favorite designer handbags at discount prices from outlet malls to online bargains even new york city's infamous canal street but in the future those who attempt to bag the cheapest purse on the road of counterfeit couture could be told to drop that bag and put their hands up. that's right. shoppers looking to buy a pirated prada, counterfeit coach or a bogus burberry are now the target of a proposed new york city bill that would make it illegal to knowingly buy a counterfeit product.
8:15 am
those caught red-handed could face up to a year in prison and as much as a thousand dollar fine. >> if i knew that that was going to be a law, then i wouldn't even consider doing it. >> the main thing is really set a deterrent. hopefully when people know that it's against the law to buy that they'll stop. >> reporter: counterfeits currently cost the economy around $250 billion a year and 750,000 jobs. >> if counterfeiting were a business, it would be the largest enterprise in the world. twice the size of walmart. >> these are the real bags. these are the fake bags. how would i know? >> dead giveaway, this is the louis vuitton speedy bag. the speedy bags, the authentic speedy bags are made with one piece of canvas. if it's one piece of leather, this part would be right side up, but the back because it goes up should be upside down, so that's the dead giveaway. >> how much is this? >> this today i do 32. >> wow, that's a great price. >> yeah.
8:16 am
>> reporter: i went down to canal street to see just how easy it is to purchase one of these knockoffs. while this man was actually trying to sell us one of his illegal louis, he even informed us of the new bill. >> they wanted to make a law that they said it was illegal for customers to buy. >> so i would get in trouble. >> not now. it's very hard because most people don't want it because you know they want to enjoy the option to get it on the black market. >> reporter: the price point certainly isn't the only way to distinguish between the knockoff versus the real deal. there are several sometimes subtle differences but just based on a passing glance, it can be sometimes difficult to tell. you guys, you think you can tell between what's real and fake? >> yes. >> after holding them and looking at them, this one is the real and that one is the fake but if you were just walking by and carrying it, i wouldn't have known. >> the real one looks more supple. >> this is the real one, you can tell a little bit more quality with the leather here.
8:17 am
there are a lot of tips. louis vuitton does not give away their secrets. they would not confirm or deny whether these are their secret tips but, valerie, who we just spoke to in the piece is our authenticity expert. she said the lv should be in the middle of the bag. that's one tip, and for the smaller bags, she was pointing out, they use just one swath of leather so on the other side it's upside down. that wouldn't be true on the larger bags because they're using more than one piece. >> this is real. i can tell. >> in the center. this one is fake. she was also saying that the lv wouldn't be blocked. you see how the handle is cutting off the lv. >> ooh, yeah. >> that wouldn't be the case. >> right. quick question. >> yes. >> what do you put in that? >> i don't know, but you look great carrying it. >> you might be able to put your metro card in there. i think it's a great accessory for you, josh. >> you can pull it off. >> the metro card won't even go in there. it will be all rolled up. chewing gum and breath mints. >> rolled coins. >> exactly. >> if there's three people who want breath mints, i've got them.
8:18 am
>> wow. >> hey, linsey, thanks. appreciate that. >> thank you, linsey. next up on the "heat index" some hot water for celebrity chef gordon ramsay infamous for his on-air outbursts, he's now facing some payback. employees at his l.a. restaurant are banding together in a lawsuit to get their dough. nick watt has the details. >> reporter: gordon ramsay has built an empire on gastronomic genius and a potty mouth. >> look at the mess of this place. it's [ bleep ] ridiculous. >> reporter: you've probably seen kitchen nightmares, the one where he shouts at people to get their house in order. >> you'll kill everybody. >> he makes a career off going into restaurants telling them how to properly run their business. >> reporter: these employees at his latest l.a. etterry, the fat cow, claim there's a kitchen nightmare right here under his nose and they're taking him to court claiming among other things that they were forced to work grueling eight-hour shifts without a break.
8:19 am
>> you should be able to like go to the bathroom when you need to go to the bathroom. >> right. >> reporter: their class action lawsuit filed thursday claims hourly employees weren't always paid the minimum wage of 8 bucks, were denied overtime and have no idea what happened to some of their tips. >> there were handwritten paychecks sometimes. there was no accounting at all. >> reporter: i mean, this sounds like it was just disorganized rather than sort of malevolent. >> oh, no. >> reporter: ramsay's spokesperson tells abc news, "we are aware there was a problem with previous management which has since been changed but this is totally unacceptable, if any truth to it." ramsay, who earned $38 million last year, is a busy guy. he's not been at the fat cow every day since it opened in september. who is to blame here, gordon ramsay? >> no, nothing was ever told to him. he could not know anything. >> i think there comes a certain responsibility when you have your name on an establishment. we were sold on the dream of working for a world known chef. >> reporter: a dream she says that turned into a real kitchen nightmare.
8:20 am
>> i mean, look at this. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. also burning up our "heat index," britney spears, she just released a brand-new single called "ooh-la-la." the kids are loving it just in time for summertime and the superstar looking ready for the beach herself and britney spears' trainer revealing how he got her into such great shape. ooh-la-la, britney. abbie boudreau has the story. ♪ all eyes on us ♪ all eyes on us >> reporter: she's the pop star with the rocking body. ♪ all eyes on us >> reporter: britney spears, mother of two showing off her curves on the latest cover of "shape" magazine, just how did she do it? ♪ oops i did it again >> reporter: you are britney's trainer. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: you're the secret behind her new hot bod. >> i'm her secret weapon. >> reporter: tony martinez
8:21 am
whose clients include pink and janet jackson is now revealing the tricks to toning those most famous muscles. >> basically what i do is do compound movement which means two things at once. in other words, two exercises at the same time. i just want to make it fun. >> reporter: he even pokes fun at his a-list client. >> it motor have as me, it motivates them. i can't believe the kick we do. a little kid would do it. >> reporter: i will embarrass you until you get it right. >> exactly. >> reporter: i learned that the really hard way sweating from tony's orders using these plastic core discs he created. >> i know you can make this. now, there you go. that's perfect. that's good. now right away jump shot. better. >> reporter: come on! and the more that you miss, the better the workout. >> exactly, exactly. >> reporter: i feel like so ridiculous. >> there it is. there it is, yes, yes! >> reporter: tony says this exercise is britney's favorite. >> there you go. that was it! >> reporter: so this is how she does it again.
8:22 am
>> hold it, one. what's after one? >> two, three. >> okay, three, that's it, okay. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> okay. this is a lot harder than it looks, i swear. >> i'm going to do a story on her. i want to do abbie's workout. abbie looks amazing. to see more of britney spears, go to on yahoo!. josh. >> finally, this one we first saw in new york, "the new york times." it's a new trend. is it partying during your lunch hour? apparently lunch break not just for lunches anymore. free midday party happening in new york about to go nationwide. a one-hour party. you're given a drink ticket, a bag lunch and a free license, as they say, to boogie down. abc's paula faris gets down. ♪ >> let's dance! >> reporter: when you've got to cut loose and can't wait for the end of your workday, imagine doing this right in the middle
8:23 am
of your afternoon. now you can. it's called lunch break. the latest dance craze designed to liven up your 9:00 to 5:00. what are you supposed to do on your lunch break? >> for me i usually just go out somewhere, grab lunch and bring it back. >> reporter: jeffrey jocelyn and some of his colleagues from noise, a business development company in new york city, are gearing up to boogie down during their lunch hour. what are you expecting? >> i'm expecting some great music and a good time and some cool people. >> reporter: so networking is a big part of it too. >> absolutely. >> reporter: is this your dance attire? >> this is regular dance attire. >> reporter: can you bust a move in this outfit? that's what i want to know. >> you know, there's a little give in these knees, yes. >> reporter: the line to get in can take up a city block, but once noon hits, it's a race against time. what type of environment are you guys going for? >> the idea is to just have a really fun festive hour of
8:24 am
power. get people in there, have some fun, dance a little bit, move, get away from the desk. >> reporter: sascha lewis, ceo of flavor filled media, teamed up with absolut to organize lunch break in new york city. it's free to go. you only get one alcoholic drink ticket for the hour and at the end a free bagged lunch to take back to work. but one of the biggest attractions, guest deejay, quest love from the roots. >> the challenge is how can i rock a party with just t-minus 59 minutes. i mean like that's all you have. >> reporter: after the crew from noise arrived, it was time for me to get in there. here goes. time to put on my dancing shoes. ♪ well, i'd like to think i'm not as bad as this. ♪ ♪ things aren't always what they seem ♪ >> and she blows it. >> reporter: all right, so it's been established i can't dance but i am hungry. we have a peanut butter and
8:25 am
jelly sandwich, hey-ho, and a banana. happy eats. at the end of the hour, it's back to the office. >> i feel completely energized. >> reporter: do you? >> yes. >> reporter: so you actually feel like you can go back to work now. >> can. don't want to but can. >> reporter: you can go back but you don't want to. bye, you guys. thank you. have a good day at work. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> that is my kind of power lunch. i love that idea. >> the power to dance. >> me, too. >> i'm sure you do. >> oh. oh, all right. that's it. we're all going. >> i guess we're not going. >> see what happens in the afternoon after that lunch. we are all about the dogs today. first rachael ray here and hot dogs and speaking of hot dogs, it's dog v. dog. go nowhere.
8:26 am
8:27 am
hi. i'm kristen sze. new developments in the tragic mauling of a 6-year-old boy by a dog in union city. the young boy has died. the child was attacked at a home on elizabeth way around 11:00 yesterday morning while he was playing in the backyard with other family members opinion they say the dog was either a pit bull or a pit bull mix. the boy was on an extended visit at the home. he was taken to the hospital where he later died of his injuries. neighbors tell abc7 news two pit bulls lived at that home. let's check in on your morning commute. leyla gulen, how's it going? >> the significant alert cancelled in san francisco but major delays extending through berkeley. take a look at this. southbound 101 at san bruno avenue, a serious injury crash
8:28 am
involving a motorcycle. take a look at the red as you come off the bay bridge, but it is backed up in the east bay. northbound 280 at northbound 5 another accident involving a couple of cars, major delays as well. kristen?
8:29 am
cooler today, upper 60s throughout the bay area,
8:30 am
sunshine throughout with a chance of showers. 79 in los angeles. it will get warmer tomorrow and ♪ welcome back. "good morning america," a look at "world war z" and yesterday brad pitt was here, big star. now today we're going to meet the woman who plays his on screen love in "world war z." mireille enos. so can't wait for it. she doesn't smile a lot when the zombies are there. >> much bigger smile. >> rachael ray always smiling. she's here with us. [ cheers and applause ] >> she's cooking up all kinds of hot dogs. how many different kinds? >> welcome. >> oh, my god, woo he's got like nine different hot dogs and i'm making a seven layer dog. seven layers. >> oh, you're going to want to meet this next little guy here. we want to introduce you to
8:31 am
zachary maxwell. an 11-year-old who took on the new york city school city in his movie "yuck." a fourth grader's documentary about lunch. he went undercover to get the scoop on what's really behind what's being served in the lunch room. we' we'll talk to zach live but first take a look at his story. >> i could get in big trouble. >> reporter: a documentary that audiences and film critics are eating up. >> which would you rather eat, five fresh delicious apples or yummy crispy chicken sandwich? exactly. >> a covert six-month mission by this 11-year-old to expose the inside world of school lunches. >> i was going to have to go way under cover. >> reporter: zachary maxwell made "yuck" when he was a fourth grader at a new york city public school. armed with hidden cameras he documented dozens of lunches he was served at school. >> hi, kids. let's see what's for lunch at my
8:32 am
elementary school. >> reporter: during his investigation, zachary compared description of lunch items on the school provided menu. >> zesty italian meatballs with tomato basil sauce, whole grain pasta -- >> reporter: with secretly recorded video of what he was being served. >> oh, that's so disgusting. >> it sounded like it was coming from like the finest restaurant and but what we were actually getting served wasn't too good. >> reporter: the new york city department of education made a visit to zachary's school after his film began circulating and said they, quote, provide students with healthy and delicious school meals that are low in fat, sodium and calories and we currently have more than 1,000 salad bars in our schools to provide more healthful options to students." zachary's father who helped the budding filmmaker put this documentary together says he could not be prouder of his son. >> i think that he showed a
8:33 am
level of spunk and spirit and, you know, we encouraged him to keep at it. [ cheers and applause ] >> and zachary maxwell is here with us. good to meet you, zachary. i know your dad, just saw him over that way. got to meet rachael ray, morgan spurlock. what's it like to see your film on the big screen like that. >> well, i think it's a lot more cooler than just watching it on like a little tv screen and also watching it with an audience like on the big screen is like really cool because like when they laugh when they're supposed to laugh, like it's just the best feeling ever. >> makes you feel good, doesn't it. >> yeah. >> when they do that. were you afraid that you were going to get in trouble at all when you were putting together this documentary? had the little camera at school. >> oh, yes, definitely every day i was like nervous that i would get in trouble or get suspended.
8:34 am
>> i know now there's a rule that you've got to let the principal know if you're going to do a little video like that. >> oh. >> oh, yeah. >> i know. >> yeah, that's because of you. >> now, now they said just -- just like kids caught filming in school can be suspended. >> yeah. i know it's harmless what you were trying to do because you felt that you weren't kind of getting the lunch that you did and we heard with what the school said, they provide salad bars and things like that. on the menu, anything you like? what is your favorite dish? anything you like? >> not really. i doenn't think -- >> mine was tater tots because the lunch ladies do their best, i know that you know that. so you're thinking about doing another film. what's that going to be? >> well, right now i'm working on a personal project about my fifth grade class because we're all going to middle school, our separate ways so i just want us to have the memory of each other
8:35 am
so right now the next project i want to work on is adolescence and middle school puberty and what girls think of guys with braces. you have braces in your future? >> i love how you look. that's great. make it a personal experience and i'm sure it will be just as successful as this one, zachary, i have a feeling we'll be seeing you in hollywood one day. congratulations and thanks very much for being here. we appreciate it very much. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> he's incredibly cute. he knows it. everybody getting ready for the zombies to take over the world in "world war z." the audience has it right back there. mireille, let's take a quick look at a clip and chat a little bit. >> great. >> hey. >> yo. >> just going to keep going, daddy? >> hold on, guys. >> daddy, be careful on the road. >> it's okay.
8:36 am
[ sirens ] >> get back in your car right now. remain with your -- >> okay. all right. now, everyone says this is like action, action, action from beginning to end. >> yeah, i held my breath for the first 20 minutes. >> the thing i love about this when reading about you like me never really caught the zombie fever so to speak before doing the film. >> this is the first zombie movie for me to see. >> you hadn't like seen any of the shows or followed the whole idea. >> no zombies in my world. >> so now what do we know about zombies? give me one thing i should never forget about zombies. >> if they're "world war z" zombies, they are fast and scary. >> now, you get to play brad pitt's wife in this. the love interest. >> yes. >> lady, how do we feel about
8:37 am
that? [ cheers ] mireille, how did you feel about ha. >> he's just the about he to work with. he's wonderful. >> yeah, he was here yesterday just hanging out. >> yeah, i saw. >> so worst part about the movie to do, toughest thing about the movie to do? >> the sequence in the stairwell. we ran up those stairs for a week, so -- >> up and down the stairs. >> you are in fabulous shape and survived "world war z." you survived the zombie apocalypse. can't wait to see it. it opens, when, this friday. >> this friday night. >> we are very glad you're here to hang out with us. stay around for just a second longer. i happen to be in love with you now. one or two things going on. we start with a little look. you sent us your twitter and facebook pictures from all over the world, in colorado and from michigan, as well, a quick look at the shot. here's what happens with all this, you can feel the humidity, can't you? >> you can. >> you're wonderful to be outside because you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> it is a little bit soupy out here. we'll try to take care of that. there will be heavy rain that sweeps in along that front so take a look at those big
8:38 am
rainfall totals and expect today that they'll catch up with you. knee the northwest a brand-new system that keeps the ra inin the northwest but not getting it where we need it in the dry south where we haven't picked up good morning. we are seeing cooler temperatures today. inland only topping out at about 76 degrees by the bay, 70 degrees, and along the coast 66 will be your high. seven-day forecast, we are going to start warming up by the end >> this friday, do not miss it. mireille, thank you for coming. all that brought to you by oh, josh. >> first of all, mireille, one of the great names we've seen. take a look. >> here we go, everybody. time now, the latest in our dog versus dog showdown. hello. yesterday we showed unique, the basketball dunking dog or lucy the super spinner. your favorite was nike. >> oh, nike.
8:39 am
awesome. so let's get nike, right. we'll move nike right over here, okay, into the times. today's contestants meanwhile, first up we've seen him this morning already. gunner. he could do -- this is an olympic caliber high jumper. 6'6". look at this. look at this. that is gunner. gunner is up against, lara -- >> misa minnie. first she puts her whole body into it. then she rolls the bowl knocking down cups which stand in for her pins. look at her, little tiny yorkie and she is great. so who should go on to the times. gunner or misa minnie, the bowler. go to on yahoo! and let us know who should it be? >> gunner was impressive. >> you know, i like misa minnie but gunner is --
8:40 am
>> gunner is awfully impressive. we will have our second finalist tomorrow for you and your final two contenders as well. all right. coming up here, les gold, friend of the program. how you can make major money selling your antiques. go nowhere. "gma" dog versus dogg competition, brought to you by
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a friend of the program, les gold, star of trutv's show "hard core barn" a new book "for what it's worth, business wisdom from a pawnbroker." none other to go to than a pawnbroker and les gold. i want to hear about the book then we'll have people come in that will critique their negotiating tactics. >> i can do that. >> the book, we see -- i think i have a feeling and sense of who you are but why did you want to write the book. >> because you didn't know who i really was. this is a journey. this taos about me being 7 years old and making my first sale for
8:44 am
10 bucks felt like a million. from there i was hooked into the business and built a 50-000 square foot facility and now a reality show a hit with million of viewers. it's been a heck of a ride. >> a couple people here. let's get the negotiating going. emily gerard. you brought us what today. >> this is my great great aunt rae's broach. >> so did you have an idea of how much you wanted for it? >> i was thinking at least a thousand. >> why? >> why? i mean it's -- >> sell it to me. >> okay. it's gold, it's got the diamonds -- i think that's a topaz. >> it is. >> it looks pretty big to me. >> you have an emotional bond to it. when you want to sell something take the emotion out of it. when you are selling it to someone, all you're looking at is the piece. so i'm looking at it as a business decision. you're looking at it because it's your aunt. so you wouldn't take 00. >> no. >> you wouldn't take 900?
8:45 am
>> okay, 900. >> okay. >> so then i already know that there's wiggle room. >> emily gerard, thank you very much. stand by. next up. >> hi, how are you. >> james duran with some vintage. >> records that i found in my first apartment in new york city and they are carnegie hall recordings from preworld war ii to 1939, 1942. >> what do you want for them? >> 50 bucks each? >> how did you figure 50? just because it said carnegie. >> yeah. >> you reached up in the sky and said 50 sounds like a good number? bad negotiating. you have to understand as a buyer i have to resell them so there has to be a little wiggle room for me and that's if you read the book you'll get it. >> i will read the book. >> ready to go. >> thank you, james. you know, i wanted to take a look. it seeps do whatever you can to take the emotion out of it. also, do a little -- with the internet, do some homework.
8:46 am
>> right. >> have a reason if nothing he, know what it is i'm trying to sell you. >> right. >> it seeps you can exploit if not an emotional attachment but really if you're coming at it with more information, information is always going to win. >> no question. like i say in the book, three things to do, emotion, when you're selling an item, bring the emotion out of the buyer. when you're buying an item, keep no emotion. know your bottom line and main thing be able to walk away from the deal. if the deal ain't right, walk away. somebody else will want to buy it. >> lessons learned for emily and james. braver than me. i would not do business with you in the nicest possible way. congratulations. >> thank you, josh, very much. >> "for what it's worth", business wisdom from a pawnbroker. terrific stuff. [ cheers and applause ] hugs and hot dogs all around, it's not just pittsburgh that loves rachael ray's dogs. >> you got the nine-layer.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
robin's firing up the barbecue with rachael ray right here in times square. all about the hot dogs today. >> yep. >> this is dog v. dog week. you've got a great project going on with dogs. >> we have a line of food made to human standards called nutrish and 100% of proceeds go to animal rescue. we done something special called the 100k challenge and handed over $600,000 to animal rescue big and small, 50 participating animalrescues. >> all across the country. >> yes and challenged them to save the same amount of animals and we saved 15,000 extra lives of dogs and cats and excited we're kicking that off again. starting up right about now. get all the information on the site too. such a great thing to participant in. >> we'll put it up on our
8:50 am
website as well, on yahoo! but now hot dog day. >> different kinds of dogs. i propose all the time to people that when you're entertaining to do something inexpensive like a brunch and make one cocktail or fire up the barbecue. this is my byohd idea. >> bring your own hot dog. >> got it. i'm not real fast. >> in our current issue of the magazine we have a double center field of 12 different dress up dogs. this is a favorite of my family. seven-layer dog. make your own guacamole. the trick to any good guacamole sweat out the onions with lime juice and salt and any other flavoring agent, i have garlic and jalapeno or serrano pepper. let it bleed out to get all the flavor and then i'll show you this cute trick. look, you put your wire rack or cookie cooling rack over and smoosh and goes right through and i use a potato masher to
8:51 am
make it quicker. we have some done. don't worry about it. get the pico de galle, lime zest. lime juice, some jalapeno, cilantro, red onion, a little bit of salt, let that hang out a few minutes for the flavors to meld. a brilliant trick for any hog dog, tofu, beef dogs, heat them up in simmering water and slit down down the middle and crisp both sides. already hot through so you're just crisping up the inside and outside of the dog. >> guaranteed to be fully cooked. >> and extra crunchy. here's how you build the seven layers. vegetarian spicy refried beans with a little bit of cumin running through them, give me one of those dogs. >> okay. >> so that's layer one. layer two, layer three is pepper jack and cheddar cheese, layer four, crushed up corn tortillas.
8:52 am
layer five, our homemade guacamo guacamole. guacamole, holy guacamole. layer six, our pico de galle and layer seven, baby, a little of truffle. i don't know, george, you might want to take a break to take a bite out of that. >> she saved me. so sweet. five more over here. >> then we have our ton from our magazine all up on the website for "gma." buffalo dogs with celery and carrots and bleu cheese and hummus dogs with spoked paprika, pickle lover dog with relish, fresh cucumber and celery then we have an italian dog with pesto aioli and seattle dog with cream cheese, grilled onions and hot peppers, all up on the
8:53 am
website. >> make all the cocktails for our event and another affordable idea. everyone that came brought one cocktail and offer soft drinks. we make this with st. germane and gin but it's a smash-up. it's a smashup of blackberries, full of antioxidants. >> a big fan right here. delicious. >> get right up there. >> all the details on all of this and the big dog challenge on on yahoo!. we'll be right back. >> now you can take a bite.
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♪ so good. what a way to start a tuesday. tomorrow on "gma," kelly rowland here live. always online at on yahoo! and "gma live" coming up. >> right now. haute ♪
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. in sunnyvale, a person was found dead inside a home that was engulfed in flames. the fire started around 6:00 this morning on central near south fair oaks avenue. let's check out your forecast with leyla gulen in for mike nicco. we have a beautiful shot of our east bay to the bay bridge. we're looking at clouds starting to break up over the afternoon. it's cooler today, but it will warm up tomorrow and over the weekend. we have one accident again in east bay, in oakland, if you're traveling along westbound 580, a three-car crash. in the center divider but down to 28 miles per hour causing quite the backup. an earlier significant alert in
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announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, dallas mavericks owner and "shark tank" investor mark cuban. and from the drama "revenge," gabriel mann. plus, get ready for another clue in "live"'s "tune in to win jetaway." ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kell


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